Updates to the tool and the website


The CPU power tripled (notice 3 workers instead of one).

Slight reworks on the website and the flow software, improved stability, added a pop out queue window to track the queue independently of browsing. New pages in Fluid Dynamics section!

Big Update: New site, new monitors, improved stability!
Introducing the new version of the website, no more major changes are planned for the website layout. More fluid dynamics pages are coming to add to the already improved collection of the pages that are included in the Fluid Dynamics section. If you want to know more as to why the simulations look like they do, head over there!

Added new pages that explain more about fluid dynamics. The aim of these pages to make the users of the website understand the fluid flows much better and to allow them to predict the outcomes of the simulations.

Updated the make video to queue transitions, the id is now automatically carried over, however if you want to make more than one video at a time you still need to take note of the number, or if the queue is long.

Added a donate button for the generosity of those that like the project and would like to keep it going, sadly the hosting does cost money.

Added social platforms feel free to share with the world!

Finally released! Many more improvements and updates are coming in, stay tuned!