Welcome to Flow Illustrator

Easy to use, Flow Illustrator enables the visitor to make their own fluid flow simulation videos that can be used for educational purposes, presentations and recreation. The Gallery contains ready-to-use videos, images, and templates. The Movie Maker (Run Simulation section) allows you to upload your own picture of the body and create a video of the flow past this body (so that you can even make a video of a flow past your car, or past yourself or a colleague). The video duration, speed, and other parameters can also be specified.

This level of flexibility and efficiency is made possible by an original fast algorithm for flow calculations, specially designed for this purpose.

If this is your first visit, read what it does on this page. Then have a look at the videos in Gallery section, to see what you can get. Then download our small sample image, edit it a little if you wish (add your own mark to it using Paint or a similar application), go to the Run Simulation  section, upload the image and make the video with the default values of the parameters. You can also use in the same way the images from our Sample Images library, and your own images. Have fun!